TO FIND FOREVER by Richie Pollock  2003 

Every second was a celebration
Just the way the sun played on the lake
Seemed to say that I could stay this way forever.

I wasn’t looking for an explanation
But then a feeling stealing on me
From somewhere down deep inside

So I set out to find forever
My ship on the golden sea
Armed with a compass
And a fair wind to port
The sunset swallowed me…….

by Richie Pollock 

The rice field was peaceful
The moon misted over
The shadows cast blankets
To cover the stars 

I asked of the wise man
Who lived in the temple
To grant me one favor
I’d come very far 

The wealth of the ages
Was the light in his eyes
I’d seen many sages
Heard many lies

Fought many battles
And wore a disguise
But the time just kept
Ticking away
And my life left me
Nothing to say…

IN SILENCE by Richie Pollock  2003

In silence
The best kept secret is shared
In silence
The moment unfolds
In silence
The book of the heart gets written
The greatest story ever told

In silence
There is an inner symphony
In silence
True power is felt
In silence
Words get in the way
Any separation melts…

LADY LIFE – by Richie Pollock   2003 

As long as the sun
Keeps on shining above me
Let the wind blow
I really don’t mind
As long as I know Lady Life
Stands beside me
I’m like fine wine
Divine and mellow

Living is easy
When Lady Life’s by me
All the days of my years
In the palm of her hand
She leads me down side streets
And alleys to guide me
In the ways of the world
And to what she’s got planned…