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Romance in America 2001 

Presented by Dana Reeve of Lifetime Television and Hyperion Publishers 

Dana Reeve, actress/wife of Christopher Reeve, best known for his acting roles as Superman, presents this touching collection of true life romantic correspondence and the stories behind them. 

Dana shares, in her foreword, about how the love of her life, Christopher, fell from a horse, sustaining a spinal-chord injury that paralyzed him from the chest down, making him unable to breathe.  All over the world, thousands of caring letters and healing wishes poured in, giving Christopher and Dana strength and upliftment. 

This is the power of the written word and the power of love.  Letters can be treasures, exposing feelings, expressing love and recording personal history and memories.  In this book there is a chapter entitled “CHANCE MEETING” all about the years when LOVE AND MAGIC first met, including their years of letter writing.  

Richie, who traveled from Brooklyn, New York, and Linda, who traveled from Montreal, Quebec, met in a student hostel in Copenhagen, Denmark.  As soon as she walked in, Linda noticed Richie sitting on a table by a window and immediately introduced herself .  Hours of conversations flew by.  After unpacking upstairs, she wrote in her dairy about how wonderful he was, ending with “One day I hope to marry someone just like him!” 

After 5 days in Copenhagen, they exchanged addresses, kisses and goodbyes.  They continued their travels in different directions, but never forgot the deep connection they felt together.  When Linda returned to Canada, she deeply hoped Richie would write to her.  At that exact moment, she heard the mail slip through her door, and there was her first letter from Richie, “love poem” and all!   

Though their travels kept them apart, their letter writing multiplied.  For the next few years, they wrote to one another faithfully, without ever seeing each other. That’s where they shared all their thoughts and feelings. Their “friend” letters soon became “love” letters, with Richie mailing Linda love songs. Circumstances could no longer keep them from reuniting.  Soon they moved in together, never to leave each other’s arms again. 

Richie proposed to Linda and 6 months after they wed, they returned to the exact spot where they first met in Copenhagen, which was so romantic and exciting.  It was there, in that fairytale city, that he discovered Linda sang.  What an added surprise!  Copenhagen  continued to be a magical spot for them.  When Richie took out his guitar on the “walking street” and began to sing, Linda surprised him by singing along.  Staring into each others’ eyes, they began to sing his original songs, drawing crowds around them in applause. The fun they had has kept them singing ever since.   

Their work is play, where they get to celebrate life with people of all ages, at the many venues Linda books for them.  This allows them to be together all the time, which they never tire of.  For some people, this is distasteful, but for LOVE AND MAGIC, it’s a dream come true. 

They are now married 32 years and are still on their honeymoon, singing and enjoying every moment together.  They still have every single letter in their keeping.


A LOVE LETTER   by Richie Pollock

Dearest Linda,

My heart, so weary and restless before its time, so hollowed by hurt, has found succor at your gentle breast.  Once again there is a glow, a fire stirred from dying embers.  The sweet chords of love resound heavy on my heartstrings and I live to pluck them on and on endlessly.  My mind, once drained with thoughts of despair and gnawed at hungrily by sorrow, now, like a fluttering white moth to light, joyfully flies to your electricity; your spark that kindles the flame within me.

I long to write you liquid phrases that will swirl you and swing you and keep you always floating in constant streams of thought.  I want to throw in my lines and fish your waters…I want to swim in your senses…I want to feel your body floating beneath me in rhythmic motions.  I want to kiss your eyes in hopes that when they open they will seek only my reflection.  And your mouth…Ahh what secrets abound, what pleasures your tongue tells of.  When I think of your mouth my mind cartwheels and seesaws at your kisses.  I live to press then once again.

Your smiles…I could live on your smile…I would die for your smile.  I could breathe, taste and hear your smile, but I cannot return it now.  Your smile vibrates my soul and propels my mind outwards to intertwine in mid-flight with yours.  Come, let us feast on food for thought.  Feed me and I’ll feed you.

My darling….darling?  Words are so meaningless.  One word could never describe what I want to call you, Linda.  You’ve given me your soul and your essence, but I crave your being, corporally, physically and in the flesh. 

My guitar can only softly sing your praises in melifluous chord progressions and muted notes while I want to shout from the rooftops, naked and unafraid, gazing at the stars while cursing fate and distance.  Oh, wretched geography, miles of separation and highways leading everywhere but to your door.

Birds can fly and I whisper my song to them in hopes that maybe one of them will see you and sing it to you for me; capture you, enchant you, surround you in a magical spell which will impel you to fly along with them to my side.

Our moments were fleeting and were gone in a flicker, but they remain intact, written in a flowing hand across the pages of my memory and my soul.  For you are my soul, Linda, and to forget you is to die inside.  All I ask of you is forever because that is what I have to give.

I love you and I want you,    Richie.



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