THE HUMAN RACE by Richie Pollock © 1991

Every day we
Get up in the morning
Open our eyes
Finish our yawning
Brush our teeth
Wash our face
Now we’re ready
To join the human race

The human race
The human race
Put on your sneakers
Take your place

In the human race
The human race
From start to finish
There’s nothing like
Being in it…

WHEN SPRING COMES by Richie Pollock ©1991

Hey, hey
It’s the first real day of spring
Hurray, hurray
Winter’s gone
Life’s such a wonderful thing

The flowers bloom
The weather warms
The birds sing a happier song
When spring comes…..

ABRAHAMSTER by Richie Pollock © 1991

Hamsters don’t have tails
But I’ve got a tale to tell
All about Abrahamster
And his squeaky wheel of doom
Every single night
In the corner of my room
I would hear Abrahamster
On his squeaky wheel of doom….

When you live in an apartment
Noise is not allowed
Neighbors can complain
What could I do
With this squeaky wheel of doom?…..

IF I COULD FLY by Richie Pollock © 1991

I wish that I could fly
Over the trees
So high in the sky
The clouds would be
Below me

Any time
I needed to
I could lie
On a cloud and
Have a dream
Or two

There’s so much
That I could do
If could fly………