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"some dreams are like sand castles 
battered by the tides
but for each dream that’s broken
there’s another satisfied
the secret’s in believing
someone’s always by your side
try to feel the air you’re breathing
and enjoying being alive”
           Richie Pollock



LOVE AND MAGIC have 30 years experience sharing the magic of love with seniors through their uplifting musical performance.  From the healthy and wealthy to the poor and dying, seniors are thrilled by their dynamic energy, joyful spirit and loving relationship.

Their concert contains songs from the 1920’s up, including Broadway Showtunes, Richie’s original works, plus songs in English, French, Hebrew and Yiddish.  They offer Holiday Shows for Christmas, Hanuka, Purim, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.  In addition, they recite inspirational poetry, often accompanied by beautiful instrumental arrangements. 

Audience participation adds to the fun.  LOVE AND MAGIC’s music is healing, life-affirming and health-enhancing.  DON’T MISS THE PARTY!

“Everyone is transformed.  They’re lit up, their hands are going, and they’re smiling because we are having a joyful experience.  Everyone has the capacity for joy.  All they have to do is see it reflected to them.”
                                                             Richie Pollock

“To Book Shows” click on CONTACT.  (Performance Venues are available upon request to clients.)

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